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L' Ametlla de Merola is a textile colony that carries out sociocultural activities throughout the year : "Pastorets" (Christmas traditional play) in December and January; The tree feast and the rice feast in March ; St. George's day in April ; St. John's day in June ; Dancing out every Sunday afternoon of July and August ; The giant's feast (giants are papier-mache figures several meters tall.The giants are carried by giant carriers.) the last weekend of August; September is full of activities : A cross race, The Major Feast around the 21st, and a popular hiking the last weekend. Throughout the year there are recreational activities in "Esplai"theatre. In the last year there have been some musical performances.

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Activities Arround...

la Cometa Sant Cugat del Racó Centre d'Apropament a la Natura Mercat de Navàs
  • Walk 500 meters and you will find the nature: You can cross "Llobregat" river and hike through the parc Parc fluvial
  • You can reach "La Plana" through accessible paths.
  • Also you can take a walk (1 hour more or less) through "Cal Melic", St. Peter's church, "La Roca", "Galera de Gaià" and return to l'Ametlla de Merola.
  • Every Saturday in Navàs(about 1 km. away),there's a weekly street market that sells local products and an interesting walking street full of terrace bars.
  • If you walk to Galera, at about 1 km., you will find an equestrian center "Hípica la Cometa"where you can enjoy of a horseback riding.
  • about 3 km., between Navàs and El Mujalt, there's the "Centre d'Apropament a ala Natura", where you will discover, touch, see, listen and live the nature through workshops that approaches you to the animals life.
  • To 6 km. of Navàs for road direction west, to El Mujalt, there`s an important architectonic monument, the Romanic Church of Sant Cugat del Racó". It shows a Greek plant which is very rare and the circular dome make it a singular and unique monument in Catalonia.

More activities arround...

Santuari de Queralt La Patum de Berga Castell de Cardona Massís del pedraforca
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